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29 April 2016 @ 02:55 pm
I certainly have been very busy with all the sexy men out there as of late. And lot's of them have been receiving my private video free by e mail thats so sexy and steamy it will have your dick throbbing for hours. I'm still giving it away to anyone who calls me for their favorite type of fantasy...I like giving gifts to show you how much I love sharing stimulating conversations. And what better way to do that than watch me masturbate for you as you share your favorite secrets with me while we are together....
All of the excitement is starting to wind down from moving into my new house. It sure has taken quite some time to perfect things exactly as I want them. And as time consuming as it all can be I can finally say that that part of my life has subsided. And the reward is reclaiming one of my titles of being the town slut have now resurfaced yet once again. But with this being a new neighborhood I just cant wait for all the sexy men to find out how much of a cheating wife phone sex seductress I really am. When my husband comes home from work he looks at me and says "Oh Sierra It looks like we have gotten a new delivery or another house warming gift." I smile knowing that when I accept all of those wonderful gifts its not the only thing I'm getting. if he had any clue that the fed ex and ups delivery man had me as well i'm sure his jaw would drop to the floor. See, I love every single second that my husband is away from home. In fact nothing makes me happier that when I have this big beautiful house all to myself. And believe me when I say I've been paying very close attention to all the young men, married men, single men, older men and all the hung studs that live around here. Needless to say that they have noticed me as well. I walk around flaunting my silky soft bare skin to them. And now that Spring is in the air I just cant wait to show them just what type of female that I am.
Just the other day I stepped out in my daisy dukes that showed off these long and sexy legs. Not to mention a super low cut top that exposed these fuckable 34 D tits. I have been getting to know all the supermarkets and farmer markets in the area as well. Not to mention all the men that work there as well. The man in the produce department has already slid his phone number my way. He told me he couldn't help himself when he saw me bent over testing the honey dew melons. I simply smiled and looked up at him and said "Do these look good to you? Do you think they are ready to be taken home to enjoy?" I suppose holding them besides my big tits didn't help much. And the fact that he cleared his throat and found it difficult to compose himself. I looked at him and said "I tried to squeeze them to see of soft they are. But I would much rather have your hand squeeze and touch them." It wasn't too much longer there after that he ended up showing up at my house for the grocery delivery that I made. When he showed up I invited him in. I was super flirty with him and pressed all his buttons to drive his dick to the point of being rock hard. He looked into my eyes and said "Sierra have you always been such a cheating wife phone sex slut?" I smiled and said "yes for as long as I can remember baby. Even before I was attatched I considered myself to be the type of woman that your wife or girl friend has to worry about. " I walked up closer to him and said "I didn't get the repution for being a home wrecking husband stealer for nothing!"
He walked up to me saying "I like them naughty and kinky and dirty. I like a woman who doesn't have hang ups when it comes to cheating wife phone sex." I brushed my big tits into his chest and let my soft hands run across his body. Letting my finger tips make their way down between his legs to feel just how hard his dick was for me. Then I slowly turned around and started to grind and wiggle my firm ass into his crotch. I looked back and said "I can be very submissive or I can be a cock teasing mistress who takes what I want Hardy." He grabbed me by my hips and said "I love all kinds of women but right now I want a subimissive woman who knows how to take care of a man." I slid my hands down his pants and said "To take care of you like your wife cant?" I laughed a bit and said "yes I know your married baby. The ring on your finger is a dead give away. It's okay though because I love it when a man is taken and unsatisfied with what they have at home."  My tight fucking married pussy got so creamy thinking about him taking me. His hands explored my body as I said "You know sometimes I may be short on cash when it comes to paying you for my delivery. But I can think of lots of ways to pay instead of using cash money Hardy." I took him by the hand and led him straight to my bedroom. He was at a loss of words. I looked back at him as his eyes explored up and down my body. I smiled and said "I hope you don't have to rush to get back to work because I want to give you an unforgettable thank you that's so mind blowing that you find yourself coming back to my door step for more." He looked into my eyes and said "What about your husband?" I said "Don't worry about him. He's a loser and never home and he doesn't have what it takes to keep me happy." I looked down as his pants started to come down and said "But it definatly looks like you make up for what he doesn't have baby.
I could see a hungry smile come across his face as he pushed me back into the wall. He looked into my eyes and said "So you are hungry for a man who knows what he wants and knows how to go about getting it? A man who knows how to be in control to a sexy, sinful, alluring, flirty woman like yourself?" I said "yes and a cheating wife phone sex lady who knows how to make you forget all about your wife too." Before I knew it my mini dress was off and he pushed me down on my knees as his hard dick started to fuck my big melons. I licked and sucked and deep throated his meaty rod. I gagged and choked all over his fleshy pole as he fucked my throat deeper and deeper. My eyes water as I tasted his pre cum drip down my throat. He raised my head up and said "Sierra my dick never gets this hard and throbs for her. She never wants to suck my dick or suck on my balls. And with you I am ready to cum right now!" I trailed my tongue down his shaft and started to tea bag his full balls.

It didn't take too much time there after before he whisked me off of my feet and slid me down on his big fat dick. And believe me when I say he was the kind of man who knew to do just that. Picking me up and lowering my bald wet pussy down on his throbbing dick to thrust, pump and fuck me like I've never been fucked before. And with him being so tall I just knew he was all the man that I desired. I moaned and said his name as his thick tool pumped in and out. My tight pussy choked and took control of his hard dick. And my sexy dirty talking mouth drove him so crazy that it pushed him right over the edge of shooting his warm creamy load deep in my pussy. I begged him too for every last drop. I milked his cock and took all the cum from those full balls. I made it so good for him that he took his wallet out and gave me back my money plus a bonus for the groceries he delivered. I looked up at him as I could feel his warm load deep in me and said "Next time you can take my other hole as well. It's so fucking tight back there it will make your head spin."  He smiled and said "I want my cock in all of your holes Sierra. I want to see just how kinky and dirty you really are."

MmMmM I'm such a pleasing cheating wife phone sex lover that has no limits or taboos epescially when it comes to making you happy.
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23 September 2015 @ 09:43 pm
I love calls with all of my submissive males. Especially the ones who love humiliation. And every single time one of my favorite cuckold phone sex guys calls he always says "Sierra my wife still thinks i'm a loser because i'm not man enough to please her. And if she allows me any where near her I must do something even more degrading to prove myself to her." I can relate to that. My ex husband was a pathetic loser. He had a 5 inch prick. And that is when it was hard. I use to have sex with him when we first married. But when I truly got my first taste of what a big dick was truly like that is when I knew he could do more than be my fluffer. My cream pie boy. And someone who would always walk in after a long hard day at work but to find me barely dressed in maybe just panties and a spaghetti string top to show off my big tits. I just cant get enough of giving myself to some well hung stud and that was something he come to learn about me. This is what I told my favorite caller. I expressed with him of how my ex husband suspected me of fucking his own brother. Talk about a low blow to a cuckies self esteem. But I always had the feeling that his dick got rock hard knowing that I was cheating behind his back with a real man. And I knew it by the expression he had on his face when he saw me on all fours ready to be a cum slut. Yes his so called "manhood" was crushed. But when his pants dropped all I could see was a pathetic rock hard five inch dick.
When I told this to my cock stroking cuckold phone sex slut his dick was rock hard. He said "HMMMMM Sierra that sounds just like my wife. And now she's telling me that I must be her fluffer to prove that I am worthy to feel her hump my pathetic dick." I laughed with my sexy giggle and shared with him exactly what that meant. I couldn't help but talk really dirty as I laid back in my bed thinking about the well hung stud that fucked me a few hours ago. Thinking of a horny creampie boy to come clean my pink bald pussy up. *T* was stroking his dick. I could tell by the way he talked. And the more I talked about how I love having my slutty holes filled up with a big fucking dick the more he wanted to please me. And degrading him also as I told him that he was going to have to get really kinky this time. And he has done things like pick my clothes off, be my little errand slave, fix my nails, do my hair, and stood there jacking his pathetic dick off in front of my stud. But today he would crawl between my sexy long legs and clean me up after another dick has blown his cum deep in my married pussy. And soon he will be ready to drop to his fucking knees and prove that he has desires of being a pole sucking cock slut. He sat there stroking his dick for me and said "I walked in and caught my wife fucking the delivery guy. She told me I was a worthless fucking loser and if I wanted to get near her pussy that I would heave to lick my own pre cum.
That's when I said "You know your wife is much more tame than myself. If I were you I would make you stand there jacking off with her panties then blow your wad in them and lick them clean. And if you didn't agree to prove how much of a cuckold phone sex lover you truly are then I would not allow you to cum." He started stroking his prick even faster. He told me that I was made him do much more humiliating things to him and dominating than she ever could be. After he sat there stroking for me he started begging me to cum. I told him to grab his favorite pillow and put it right next to him. MmMmM what do you think I mad him do next? I bet you love humiliating and being cuckolded as much as he does. What would you do to be allowed to crawl between my sexy long legs? How far would you go to get a taste of my smooth pretty pussy? Now come on cuckie and give me a call. I know you are almost ready to cum...


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15 June 2015 @ 05:47 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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What kind of clubs do you like most where you can go to see sexy women like myself at? I’m talking about the ones where you can go in there and see a sexy female dance on stage and do a pole dance so fucking good that all you can think about is getting her somewhere to rip her clothes off. Could it be a strip club, maybe a gentleman’s club, a sleezy stripper club or maybe even something like the bunny ranch.  Maybe you are my husband and you feel like you wanna go somewhere discreet and have a secret fling that i'll never find out about. A place where you can get an innocent lap dance. Or maybe you are my husband’s co worker or maybe his best friend or if you are into taboo phone sex then maybe you are  his cousin, brother, or dad!  And if you have those MILF phone sex fantasies then you could be my son or his best friend. I could even be the slutty mom or your neighbors slutty wife that lives next door to you.

So there you are with your drink in hand waiting on the next slut to come out and little do you know that it’s me dressed in something totally skimpy!  Everyone knows you because it’s your favorite place to come when you want to be secretive. And when I make my way out I look like one of those dirty fucking sleezy sexy sluts that makes your dick rock hard instantly. You try to get a good look and you think that you notice me but I have a half mask across my eyes. Your hand is down in your pants as you are jacking your dick thinking “No that can’t be Sierra. She’s suppose to be either home or out with her girl friends right now." I start touching myself and slowly start to toy around with my teddy.  The more skin I reveal the harder you throb. Do I know it’s you? Have I recognized your face? Do I slide my mask down or do I leave you in suspense?

As I make my way over to the pole I look right at you and smile. I seductive suck my finger and grasp at my huge tits and see the intense look on your face. I wrap my sexy legs around that pole and start climbing up and down riding it just like you have fantasized me riding your dick. I twirl round and round as I arch my back to the ground and start moving myself in a slow wave motion. By now I’m on my knees slowly making my way over to you and before I know it you have your wallet out with a $20 bill asking “Hey sexy what will this get me?” I smile and say “It will get you a heated lap dance over in this dark corner baby.” Do you recognize my voice? You go to take your hand and try to reach up at my mask but I smile and say “NO NO NO.. no touching me baby keep your hands to yourself.” I start to lightly brush my thong covered pussy against your dick that’s growing harder by the second in your pants. I’m moving from right to left and in slow circles. I brush my big 34 D tits against your chest because by now I’m topless. I grab them and squeeze them together and I know by now all you can think about is how badly you want them wrapped around your stiff hard pole.

Your mouth is watering as you look up and say “Oh fuck baby I want more! I want you all to myself. I start grinding harder to make you so fucking hard that if I sat down in your lap you would blow hard. I lean down into you and say “If you want more then you know what to do.” No one can see my hands as I take them and move them up and down your dick. I start stroking it through your pants and I can tell by your intense breathing that you would give anything to get those pants down and feel the insides of my dripping wet bald pussy. You want to feel it choke your dick and feel it ride your pole right now. You want to thrust your cock in and out and find out just how much of a dirty fucking slut I can be for you. You want me to bounce up and down on your cock with my huge watermelon tits in your face as they bounce like jello. You want to feel my soft painted lips brush across yours and take your hands and grab my hips and pull me down on  your cock. But for now all you can do is imagine how tight, wet, and fuckable my pussy is.

Am I the kinda slut that would let you fuck my ass and mouth too? The mystery of what kinda female that I really am has you so hard you can’t stand it. So whatever will you do from here? Will you take me into one of those private rooms where we can do more? Will you go into one of those private rooms where only the high rollers go and no cameras are in there at all? Or will you slip me a huge chunk of cash between my big tits and meet me at the hotel you are staying at? I’m the kind of woman who will have your head spinning so far out of control that you will never wanna go back home. I’ll suck, lick, fuck, and take your huge dick in all my fuck holes. I just love being a no limit’s phone sex slut. And when you are ready to blow your huge fucking load, I’ll drop down to my knees and beg you to shoot it down my throat.

What kind of ending will we have today? What kind of role play phone sex mood are you in? My tight pussy is so ready for your throbbing hard cock right now.

And if you pick up and give me a call I’ll send you my steamy hot video that I just made so you can watch while you are stroking your dick off for me. How ever could you pass up an offer like that? 

I’m ready and all yours…..


31 October 2011 @ 09:00 am
All of the sexy dads, delivery men,  best friends boy  friends and husbands have been asking me this year what I’m going to be for Halloween. Last year I was a naughty nurse going around giving care to all those hot guys who needed that extra attention. I would slip in their room when their wife wasn’t around and give them a thorough exam. HMMMM and I have to tell you a lot of them are wishing I do the same thing this year. Just imagine waking from being put under a deep Anastasia. You open your eyes and everything is still a blur and when you look up there I am ready to give you a inch by inch exam. You see the way i'm smiling at you as I say "Hello baby I'm here to take very good care of you." You feel my hands slide under the covers as I make my way up to that stiff tent that's forming from the pole in your shorts. I will lick, suck, and give every last one of my tight snug holes to your cock. And I'll lead you into an orgasmic frenzy that will have you erupting like never before. Just thinking about it makes my pretty panties very wet...

So here I am with  all my treats ready for all the kids in the neighborhood. I’m still trying to decide if I want to go out to this Halloween party my girl friend asked me to or if I want to stay at home and decide what kinda fun I’m getting into.

How wonderful would it be if you were to stop by my house with your little one’s and pick up some trick or treat candy? Maybe you would see me in my sexy witch costume or maybe my naughty nurse. Or maybe you would come back by to get more candy and see me in my very revealing bunny costume. Or if you wanted a fallen angel I could put my wings on and be at your service. Or if I really wanted to turn the heat up I could be your private pole dancing stripper and take you into my secret room and give you a lap dance you never forget. I would make sure to give you a special come back treat to not forget about what could be in store for later. Or maybe you need a slutty french maid to come by your house when everyone is away. I would give you that personal service you never forget. I just love seeing all those sexy dads give me that special discreet look or gesture and body language that says “hey Sierra I’ll make sure to be back and give you my stiff treat that’s filled with the sticky creamy surprise.” 

   Here is just a sample of my other naughty costume I have in store for you. A sexy bunny for you to give all your cum filled eggs too...MMMM I just love the taste of that delicious cream. And this bunny would drink down every last drop...

What I really want to know is what you are going to be this year? And are you going to ease in my house late at night when all the kiddies are gone to bed and your wife is fast asleep? Are you going to whisper in my ear “Sierra I’m back and ready to give you my special candy that’s got a lot of cream in the center baby.” Or will you look around trying to find me not sure where I am and all the sudden hear me sneak up behind you and say “Are you looking for me sexy?” And feel my soft lips press against the back of your neck as I take my soft hands and run all across your body. Do you want to hear all of those sexy, sinful erotic and very dirty talking thoughts that’s on my mind?  I will have your dick throbbing and your heart racing as I walk around in front of you and brush my mouth watering 34 D breasts against your chest. I giggle very naughtily as you start thinking about all of these hot fantasies. And all you can think about is how much you want to rip me out of my costume and let that big hard cock pop out of your pants and have these soft hands start stroking it for you.

Are you thinking about how much you want me to drop to my knees and give you a sloppy wet and messy blow job? I'll make your dick nice and wet so you can slide it slide it between my big breasts and give me a slippery wet tit fuck. Do you want a nasty slut to do all those dirty things your wife wont do? Or are you a panty wearing slut who wants to be dressed up in my fairy costume and have me take you out to humiliate you in front of all my girl friends. I am the slut of your dreams and the one who will have your dick throbbing so hard it’s dripping pre cum. I know you are just ready to fuck this married pussy deep and hard. I know you want to bend me over and grab my hips and pull this pink fucking pussy back on your big fat stick.  Take any hole you want too baby. I won’t ever say no. Pump me with that long throbbing cock and feel my slippery wet walls grab and choke your shaft. And please don’t stop until you are ready to blow that thick sticky cum. You know I’m here and ready to give you exactly what you want. So why don’t we go to my room and decide which costume I’m going to put on for you? It doesn’t matter which one it is. They will all have your cock as hard as a rock.  

I’ll even send you some very naughty pictures of me dressed up in them if you do a hot and steamy phone sex call with me.

Cum see how sinful I can be if you dare…..


Poll #1791316 Naughty Halloween Costume

Which Sexy Costume Would You Like To See Me In?

16 June 2011 @ 11:12 am

I walk in the living room where I find your head buried in work yet again. You are sitting on the couch going over some really important documents and don’t even notice your neighbor phone sex slut sitting across from you in the love seat.I just bought a sexy new teddy wanting to show it off to you. I look over at you and start to take my hands and rub my big 34 D tits. I squeeze them and toy with them. I know that is one of your weaknesses and always distracts you. I start to run my finger tips down my body and open my legs and expose these moistened panties and look up and see your eyes gazing at me. You quickly put those papers down as I start touching my sweet bare pussy through my panties. I’m thinking “Do I have your attention now?” Before the words can come out of my mouth you start to moan out. So I decide to turn up the heat and slide them to the side and show you how much I want you to slide something very big and hard inside of me. I slide one finger in and you can hear the moistness of my fuck box as I’m moaning out your name. I cant help but notice that your cock is growing in your pants and you have this animal lust look in your eyes. You make your way over to me as we exchange intense looks. I look up at you and say “Is this sweet dripping wet pussy making your dick hard for me baby?” You look down and say “Ill let you be the judge of that Sierra.”

Off comes your pants and out springs your huge cock. I stand up and and slide my teddy down and press my large melons into your chest. You reach behind me and grab my tight ass and pull me even deeper into you. I can feel your dick press in against my clit as I’m grinding into you. I take your thick cock in my soft hand and start stroking it for you and say “I know you would rather let me be a slut for you than having your head buried in work. Don’t you want to bury it between my huge tits?” You smack my ass and squeeze it again and then grab my jugs and sink your face into them. You take a slow lick from my nipples up to my lips and we exchange an intense kiss. I start jacking your cock faster as I tease that sensitive spot under your mushroom head. I drive you so crazy by teasing your dick that you say “Sierra I need your pussy so bad right now.” I slide my fingers in and pump nice and slow getting them wet with my juices and then slide them across your lips and say “This is what you want? It’s all yours and so am I.”  You push me down into the love seat and spread my legs wide open. You take the tip of your cock head and slide it up and down my pink slit. I start to grind into your cock head saying “You know how bad I want you? I need your dick so bad. I need to wrap this pussy around that cock and squeeze it and fuck it just how you want.” We thrust our bodies into each other and I moan out your name again.
That big fat dick is controlling this pussy. I feel it stretching me open as my juices coat your shaft. You pump in me faster and harder and see my breasts bounce up and down. You pin my arms into the couch and say “Sierra I’ve needed your pussy for so long now. I’ve needed to thrust my dick deep in that fuck hole. You are such a slut.” I squeeze my walls around that rod more and wrap my legs around your waist. Knowing how sinful I am who could I be fucking right now? Are you my husband? Or am I your neighbors slutty wife? Am I your wife’s slutty sister? Or are you one of my co workers? Are you my son? Or are you something even more naughty like daddy? You know how much I love taboo phone sex. I love getting dirty with you. Are you married and taken? Maybe your wife is a fucking prude and a stuck up bitch who wont fulfill your needs. It doesn’t really matter who you are all I can think about is how good your dick feels inside of me. It’s so big and fat and makes my pussy feel so good. I hope I get to be a cheating wife phone sex slut with you. Why should I fuck my man when it’s so much hotter to go behind his back. Will you push that dick deep in me? Will you pump me hard? Can I milk your cock and drain all the jizz from those balls? Give it to me where ever you want. Slide it out of this slutty pussy and jack that rod right over my face and hear me drink every last drop down. I’ll slide every inch of your meaty dick down and feel that cream hit my throat.

 I’m all yours for the taking. Cum and get me



05 May 2011 @ 01:31 pm

The night time had come and I was once again alone in my new house that my husband had just bought for us. I guess since he is never around and always working so much he thought that moving into a new house would make me happy. So here I was dressed in something really sexy feeling very antsy and all I could think about was calling up one of my fuck buddies that lived close by. When I answered the door there he was looking so hot and handsome. A older man, married, just as restless as me because his wife has taken an extended business trip. I told him to come in and his eyes moved up and down my body. He said “So Sierra this is your new house huh?” I said “Yes it is and you know what a new house like this needs don’t you? It needs a naughty neighbor phonesex slut like me and a hot fuck buddy like you to christen every single room.” He walked in closer to me and said “MMM baby I love the way that you think.” I brushed my body into him and said “So is it time that we remind each other what friends with benefits are for?” He said “Fuck yes Sierra it’s long overdo baby.” He grabbed me by the hand and said “Why don’t we start in this room right here and every time you invite me over we can move into a different room.” I brushed my lips against his and said “We have been friends for quite some time now haven’t we.”

He said “yes the best kind. I remember the time when we first met and I heard about your reputation for being a slut.” I laughed and said “yes that’s true I’ve been a slut for a long time now. Every since I was in Jr high school. All those boys I sucked and fucked in the locker room and my teachers I seduced to get better grades.  But all I want to focus on right now is the married man standing in front of me. You know I’ve always been the one to give you what your wife wont. I’ve been a complete whore when it comes to satisfying all of your needs. You just turn me on so much that I completely forget that I’m married.” I was so receptive when it came to him. More than with my husband. He gently reached out to me and slid the straps of my spaghetti string teddy off my shoulders. I started to wiggle out of it as it tightly clung to my body. He had always had a thing for my big 34 D tits so when I exposed them I could instantly see the rise in his pants wake up. He took his hands and started to squeeze and cup them. He ran his finger tips around my hardening nipples and I let my hands move down his body until they slid down his pants. MMMM he was just so hard and throbbing. All I could say was “Remind me again why we are the best of friends with benefits baby.” He pressed his lips into mine and our tongues embrased a deep kiss.

He pinched and tugged at my nipples harder as I could feel tingles move all across my body. I started stroking his thick dick faster and could feel my thong moisten quicker by the second. My cunt was dripping wet for him. He moved his hands from my big tits back to my tight ass and started squeezing it. His other hand wrapped around mine as he started jacking his cock faster. He pushed me down on my knees and started to wave his cock in front of me. He ran it across my cheeks and chin as I looked up at him smiling. He started to smack it across my face. I said “Please let me make your dick moist with my mouth before you slide it in my tight pussy.” He pressed his cock against my lips and started to slide it in my mouth. I licked the tip of his mushroom head and ran my tongue in circles. My wet warm mouth ran up and down his shaft as I started taking it in deeper and deeper. He looked down and said “Oh yeah baby suck and slurp those slutty lips around my big fat dick.” I just love how you know how to be a slut and at the same time sometimes be a mature phone sex pleaser also. He put his hand on top of my head and made me take it deeper down my throat. He got so excited that I could feel his cock head make me gag and choke all over him. He said “FUUUUUUCK Sierra you always are such a hot cock sucker.” His full balls were slapping my chin as my head bobbed up and down his shaft. I could taste the bitterness from his pre cum drip down my throat as my eyes filled with water.

 He moaned out and said “Baby that’s enough of that I’m going to blow right here if you keep that up. He pulled me up and bent me over and I wiggle my firm ass back and forth. I smiled giggling and said “So am I driving you crazy yet?” He grabbed me by my fucking hips and slid two fingers in my dripping wet bald pussy and said “Sierra you always drive me and my dick crazy.” His fingers moved in circles around my clit as I started to moan out. I couldn’t take much because it was so sensititve. I started begging him to fuck me because I needed his cock so bad. He reached in front of me and stared to squeeze my bouncy tits and before I knew it he had his dick plunging into my pussy. His huge cock stretched me open and felt my creamy pussy slide up and down his shaft. I squezzed and gripped around his beefy cock as he stared grinding into me. His cock was firmly pressed into the back of my pussy walls as he said “You know this is so wrong for two married people like us to be fucking around on our spouses. “ I looked back and said “Yes I know but right now I don’t care about that. You feel so good and your cock is making this pussy so wet I cant think about anything else but being a slut for you.”

I started circling my pussy into his rod and then I could feel his fingers slide up and down my ass crack. He looked at me and said “Sierra do you know why I love fucking you so much?” I said “Why is that baby?” He said “Because you are such a dirty fucking slut who will do anything to get my dick off.” And the next thing I knew his fingers were sliding in my tiny ass. I moaned out as my pussy clinched around his cock even tighther pulling him deeper inside of me and hammered me faster. His hands ran through my hair and then pushed me down into the couch. His fingers were fucking my rose bud and then he said “You are the kinda whore that could drive a man to go fucking crazy in that dripping wet pussy.” My craving snatch felt his cock push even deeper inside of me. I took a deep gulp of air as he filled me up more and more. He grabbed my face and said “Where do you want my cum you slut?” I said “All over my huge tits and down my throat baby I’m so thirsty.” He gave my lustful pussy a few more shoves and before I knew it he had his dick back down my throat and his cum shot all over my face and tits. He said “Here is the thickest load of pearl necklace from me to you baby.” I looked up at him as I licked his cock clean of all that cum and said “I cant wait for you to come over again.

I think the next time will have to be the pool room. I want to get fucked on the pool table baby.” He reached down fingering my creamy pussy and said “it’s a date then baby. I want you to be my naughty submissive phone sex slut just for me” I smiled and said “We should probably get dressed now. I’d hate to have my husband walk in on us looking like this.” I have no idea how I was going to get rid of the sex scent that was in the air. But at that moment I didn’t care at all. God I just love friends with benefits. *giggles*




11 April 2011 @ 09:23 am

He has been trying to come over and be alone with me for months now. He is my son’s best friend and just happens to live a few houses down from me. He just turned eighteen and his parents were going to throw a secret surprise party for him. But I had a secret surprise planned for him myself. He may have been younger than me and yes he thinks of me as a cougar phone sex slut and the mommy of his best friend. But I know the looks and gestures that he has been giving me and I know he has noticed the flirts that I have been giving him. He’s tall, very attractive, always smells so good, and has a very sexy voice for someone his age. His eyes undress me every time he sees me dressed in something that’s very revealing.

Tonight my son was not home and Cal came by and asked if he could hang out. I was just on my way to go to bed and I smiled saying “Of course you can stay here. My son won’t be home until tomorrow sometime. I was dressed in a sexy hot pink teddy. He could not take his eyes off of me. I took him by the hand and showed him back to the guest room. I brushed my sexy body into his and said “you can feel free to make yourself comfy in here and if you need ANYTHING just come in my bedroom and ask.” He smiled and said “Thank you Sierra.”

I took my hands and was running them across my body and said “You have a birthday coming up in about an hour or so don’t you?” His eyes ran up and down my body and said “Yes I do. And I really have this one birthday wish that I can’t stop thinking about.” I smiled and said “Well you never know you just may get it Cal.” We talked and exchanged flirty looks and then when I got him just worked up enough where his mind was thinking things about me that he probably shouldn’t I said “I should probably head to my room now.” His eyes were planted on the way that my tits looked in my teddy. They were there just waiting on him to grab and squeeze. I kept toying with the bottom of my teddy and slowly inching it up. I walked up to him and said “Do you like what I’m wearing Cal?” He cleared his throat and said “Ummm yes Sierra I do very much.” I lightly brushed my body and my big 34 D tits into his chest and said “Well you can feel free to have anything in this house that you want.” My finger tip ran across his chest and my lips were so close to his that I could have kissed him.

Later on that night when I was tossing and turning in my bed I woke up and saw him standing over my bed with a huge bulge in his shorts. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was past midnight. I looked up at him smiling and said “Happy birthday Cal are you ready for your present now baby?” His lust filled eyes were saying “yes yes YESSSSS.” I took him by his hands as I scooted to the edge of the bed and down came his shorts and out popped his big hard 8 inch dick. It was huge and I couldn’t believe how big it was for his age. My sweet pussy started to get wet and my mouth watered. I knew that he was my son’s best friend and I was also married but my husband stays away so much I almost feel like a single woman. “Why am I having these thoughts?” I asked myself. “I mean we are all alone and here is this hot young stud with a big fat fucking cock right in front of my face and I’m thinking about how its wrong.” Well those thoughts left my mind very quickly. I placed my soft hand around the tip of his sensitive mushroom head and I took my tongue and started to lick up and down his shaft. I teased his cock just a bit. I ran it up and down and made circles around his dick head and ran my tongue around the slit of his tip.

I took a few long slow sucks as I slurped and moved my warm wet mouth up and down his throbbing hard pole. His balls nestled on my chin as I deep throated his cock and started to suck on it faster and faster.  I could taste his pre cum as his rod penetrated my throat and it was at that moment that I thought “I want something more than just this! I want to give Cal a birthday present he will never forget.” I slid my mouth up and leaned back in my bed and spread my sexy long legs open. My bare pink pussy was ready to be stuffed full of his big young cock. I looked up at him as my fingers were sliding up and down my lips. I smiled as he stood there stroking off his cock and said “MMMM stroke it baby. That looks so fucking good. And when you get done I want you to crawl on top of me and slide that dick in this cheating wife phone sex sluts pussy.” As soon as I said that and he saw me stretching my cunt lips open he crawled on me and started to push his cock head in my dripping wet pussy. I moaned out and said “Oh yes fuck this pussy. I know you want a married slut to make your dick feel good.” He moaned out saying “Oh yea Sierra I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long now. I’ve been wanting to feel the insides of your pussy every since I was fourteen years old.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist and said “You could have had me when  you were 14. I know that’s suppose to be wrong but I love taboo phone sex and I would have loved to have taken your virginity away.” He started to pump deeper and harder and felt my walls squeeze around his dick. I grinded into him as my big tits were bouncing. Lust was filled in his eyes and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. He was so good but then he told me “Sierra you are my first. I was a virgin until just now. Can you please teach me how to make you cum hard?” I smiled and said “I will baby.” I flipped him on his back and started to ride his cock. My pussy slid up and down his shaft as my melons started to bounce like jello. I took his hands and placed them on my tight ass and took total control of his dick. I wasn’t going to stop until I milked all the cum from his balls. I reached back and placed my soft hands on his full balls and started to massage them. I looked down at him smiling and said “Smack my ass Calvin. Smack it hard too.” I started to bounce up and down on his pulsating cock and said “Fuck this married pussy baby. Oh yes please fuck your best friends mothers cunt. I’ve wanted your college meat in me for so long!”

I bent down into him and started kissing him and took his hands and ran them up and down my back. Our tongues rolled round and round and our breathing was intense. My slippery pussy walls started choking his cock and I could feel my body start to tremble. He looked into my eyes and said “Can we please cum together Sierra?” I squeezed even tighter and I said “Give me that fucking cum baby. I’m ready to feel your creamy load deep in my pussy. I held my cunt lips down on the base of his shaft and started moving my hips and grinding in circles. I took my hands and squeezed my tits and pushed them up to my mouth and started licking my nipples. He said “I wish you were my mommy Sierra.” I said “you can be anything you want to be today Calvin. Take mommy’s pussy give her that sticky hot batter. I know you just love MILF phone sex so shoot that fucking load in my tight wet pussy.” As soon as I said that he grunted out and said “Ohhhhh yes mommy! Your pussy feels so fucking good I’ve always wanted a slutty milf to control my dick!” And out came his cum filling me up deep. MMMMM it felt so good. I leaned down into him and said “Happy birthday baby. I cant wait for you to come over again…”

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23 March 2011 @ 06:06 pm

Oh my goodness I can’t believe how hot it is today! Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since spring time is here and I do live in southern California so it’s warm a lot of the time. And to top that off I can’t figure out how to work this new Air conditioning that the maintenance guy just replaced a few days ago. Oh well it will be the perfect excuse for me to walk around in nothing but my slinky little teddy. And when I wear that you may as well say I’m naked because it’s very revealing. But that’s not a surprise because anyone around here that knows me can tell how much I love exposing my body. It reminds me of the time of a day like today when I was out on my balcony and I had on this white tight fitting top with some sexy lacy knee hi’s and matching panties and pumps. I knew the maintenance guy and the hot guy next door was going to be around and man were they the perfect kind of mouth watering eye candy. So I wanted to see which one would see me first. I’m sure you know that whoever that may have been I was going to do more than give him a eyeful of my big luscious tits and I may just flash my pretty bald pussy their way also. (word has gotten around that I’m a bit of a slut that loves to flaunt her body. And when the right man comes along it will only be two seconds before I have him back in my room being a total cheating whore with him.) I know I’m married and I should be faithful but fuck my husband stays gone all the time so I have to find someway to keep myself occupied. A lot of the guys around here know that I’m not shy at all when it comes to taking care of their needs as long as they can take care of mine also. As I stood there on my balcony getting some air I saw this sexy guy across the way in his window looking at me.

I had to look twice because I could have sworn that he was watching me with his big fat cock out. He was no stranger to me. I have seen him lots of nights out on his balcony stroking off with this intense look on his face. That’s when I knew he really liked exhibitionist phone sex He was an older married man who didn’t know the word when it came to being faithful. His wife worked a lot like my husband did. There were quite a few times that we would secretly get together and I would be a total slut for him. He knows that when it comes to peoples opinion of me that I really don’t care. It was just about time for the sun to set and people were on their way in their house. I decided to take my top down and expose my big tits. I squeezed them together as I could see his hand pumping up and down his shaft. Before I knew it my phone rang. I heard his voice as he said “Sierra you look so fucking hot right now do you know that I’m stroking my big fat dick for you right now?” I said “I sure do baby. I was hoping I would see you in your window or out on your balcony tonight.” I started to slowly inch up my teddy and exposed my panties to him. He said “oh fuck baby look at those pretty panties. Are you going to move them to the side for me like you did last time? “ I smiled and said “you mean the last time you were behind me with your big fat dick ready to plunge into this dripping wet pussy? MMMMM I remember how good it felt when I was stroking it for you. And I remember how wet my pussy was when you ran it across my mouth and let me suck it for you. By the time you had me on my knees with my tight ass up in the air you were about ready to blow your fucking load.” I could see his hand moving faster and his moans got louder and he said “OOOOH Sierra you always we
re a dirty talking slut fuck!” I looked straight into his eyes and said “Come out on your balcony now and stroke that fat meaty dick for me now.”

When he opened up his door he looked between the fence and saw my pink pussy lips exposed. I started teasing my pussy and slid my fingers in and out. He said “You want me to stroke my cock to cumming don’t you?” I smiled and said “yes I do. I want you to stroke it so good and jerk it off and imagine its my soft hands gliding up and down your shaft. Think about my married pussy lips grabbing a hold of your shaft and choking it. You know that no one can make my pussy quiver and cum like you can.” I started giving out some very sexy moans and said “OHHHH stroke that fucking cock baby. I want your thick hot load shooting off like a fountain! “ I leaned my body into the rail and gave him an eyeful of my big tits and spread my sexy long legs open. As my fingers were sliding in and out of my fuck box I started throwing my long blonde hair back and forth. His face turned flushed when he saw me moving my hips from right to left like I was a stripper and he was the hot guy I was giving a lap dance too. He totally dropped the phone when he saw me slide my fingers out and started to lick them clean. He couldn’t handle it anymore he got pushed so far to the edge he cum like a fire hose! His hips bucked and he shot so much cum it could have filled up a bucket. MMMMM I think we need to get together again soon. I just may need to return that package that got delivered to me by the hot fed ex guy in the next few days.

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10 March 2011 @ 01:40 pm

I’ve been watching my naughty sissy boi for a few years on cam now. Yesterday he called me and wanted to show me this hot new outfit he just bought. I swear he looked so slutty in his red teddy, matching panties, thigh his, and six inch spiked pumps. He even had on a slutty blonde wig with some shiny glossy red lips. He makes the perfect little bitch to call me for
sissy phone sex. We haven’t been able to talk for a while because he’s always in a rut and paying off his CC bill. And me being the slutty housewife that I am never seem to match up with his schedule. I saw him sitting there looking like a whore as his dick  pressed against his panties. And as soon as the dress up cross dressing sissy heard my sexy voice he was ready to go out cock hunting. When he first started calling me he was one of those “closet sissies” He didn’t want anyone to know his love for panties. But I had a way of seducing him into totally wanting to call me for forced feminization phone sex. I just love seducing him when I’m dressed in my sexy lingerie and he can get a glimpse of my 34 d tits and pretty panties or thongs. And when I start touching myself for him he is like mush in my soft hands.  Now when he goes shopping and goes to the mall he dresses up just like a female. He looks so hot too and I just get so turned on knowing he is wearing a pair of my pretty panties with his outfit. But not only must he go out dressed up like a female he also has to stick a fucking vibrator up his ass. His voice trembles knowing he has to make his Mistress happy. The horny little bitch also loves it when I call him names like sissy fag and cock sucking loser. Those are just a few of the things I like calling him. As soon as I mentioned the word “cock” he started to get weak. I said “Well since you are dressed up like a female Samantha you may as well go to your favorite glory hole club.” Samantha is his sissy name when he is with me. And he knows when I address him with that name he has to respond as “Yes Mistress Sierra.”

As he sat there with that vibrator shoved up his ass I was able to take a picture of him. He wants his picture to be posted on my journal but he needs to earn the right to get his sissy ass on here. He had another dildo there and yes it was a black one because he gets so fucking hard when he thinks about sucking a BBC. He sounded so good when I said “Wrap your pretty lips around that cock and suck it for me!” This cock sucking whore has sucked about fourteen dicks. I told him that he has a new record to shoot for. I said “you cock slut the next time you go out to a book store you have to suck twenty cocks for me!” He gets so hard that he drips pre cum knowing that I’m dressed up like a slut. He gets even hotter when I say “You know I’m going to be there with you sharing that big meaty pole with you. Just think about our tongues sliding up and down a long hard shaft. First my mouth sucks and slurps up and down his nine inch dick and then yours.” He started begging me to call him names and I was just waiting for him to get down on his knees so I could put a big fat cock right in front of his face. He looked up and heard me say “You are such a sleazy cock loving fag aren’t you Sammy? You just get so fucking hard in your panties when I have one of my studs in front of you with their huge throbbing cock don’t you.” He sounded like such a bitch. He said “Oh yes Mistress I need to suck on cock for you!” He was panting like a  fucking dog in heat. I started to laugh and laugh at him and he said “Oh please mistress when you laugh at me it makes me want to be your sissy cock stroking slut. May I please jack my pathetic dick off for you?” I said “yes you pathetic loser go ahead and stroke for me. But you better not fucking cum until I allow you too!” He was so pumped up telling me how much he loves being my pole smoking faggot.

There have been times I’ve made him put ads on craigslist and he really has had big meaty cocks to suck on for me. I told him “the time has come for you to place another ad for me. And I don’t give a fuck what kind of cock it is as long as its big!” he knows he will suck whatever I tell him too. White, black, Hispanic, asian, I don’t give a fuck. As he sat there listening to me tell him how to suck that dildo he started to moan out. I laughed and said “Pump that big fat dildo in and out of your mouth. I want you sliding those lips and slurping all over that toy for your mistress.” His pretty red lips looked so good as his head bobbed up and down. He took it in deeper and deeper until he almost gagged on it. I said “yeah that’s right fuck your throat you cock sucking slut.” He started saying “Please tell me I’m a sissy pole smoker Mistress.” He wanted me to keep saying that until he popped his fucking cock off. I got my sexy stern tone and said “Beg me you slut! You don’t tell me a fucking thing you sissy fag you address me the right way and then I will say it for you.”  He started dripping more pre cum when I ordered him to ask me in the proper way. He said “Oh please Mistress Sierra may I please have the pleasure of hearing your sexy voice tell me that I’m a pole smoking sissy fag?” I decided that I was going to ad more to it but I said “yes Samantha I’ll tell you that but you have to shoot that fucking load for me in your panties and then clean it up for me.” He said “Oh yessssssssss I’ll be a cum licking slut for you Mistress.” So I started saying “Suck that big fucking cock you sleazy whore. Suck it until you gag all over it.” My voice was like butter in his ear. It just had this hypnotic feel to him. His head started to spin and he turned into a complete sissy girl. His voice even changed and he sucked that dildo so good that he came all in those panties. And he licked it all up like it was his favorite candy treat. What an obedient subbie. I can’t wait for him to get back on cam for me again.

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